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Wed, Jun. 16th, 2004, 08:15 pm

its been awhile, but nothing has really been happening. im gonna try, however, to entertain best i can with what little i do hove to say tonight. so lawson and i go to atlanta for our first drill since joining the reserves. everything was going pretty good until we figured out we werent going to make it to our hotel room until around 4 AM. after we finally get settled, its around 5. did i mention we had to wake up at 6? so i guess you know why i threw that in there now. after roughly an hour of sleep, we set out to find the base that we are to report to. doesnt sound that hard, does it? well, did i mention the guy that sent us to atlanta gave us no directions nor address? we finally roll on base at around 8. yeah thats about an hour and a half of driving. we check in, and go to medical. in the 3 and a half hours i was there, i received 4 vaccinations, a ppd test, and get three viles of blood taken. after the bleeding stopped, i head to dental and listen to a gay dentist tell me how me smoking was a subconcious way of rebelling against my parents. i was given the words, "do the right thing" as encouragement as i was leaving the examining room. day two was no less fun. it was a day filled with lines to stand in and muttered words of complaint. finally it all ended and we were headed back home. as if the weekend wasnt bad enough, thirty minutes into the trip, lawsons drink, which was placed in the cupholder for large drinks(his wasnt) with no lid, was jettisoned into my seat as i was making a right turn to get onto the interstate. needless to say, i rode the rest of the way home with a wet ass.

how was your weekend?